I’ve switched from using paper towels to heap paper napkins (the store brand at Walmart) and I’ve noticed a lot less “dust” paper particles getting on the painting while working.  Seems ripping the paper towel from the roll and the general fluffiness of the paper towel verse the cheap napkins has made a big difference.  
Thought I’d pass this on to those struggling with dust etc.


  • Thanks for the top tip @GTO,

    I have not really noticed a problem with that, perhaps it depends on the brand.

    What I do get, quite often, are the odd tiny hair or hairs that make a sudden appearance during painting.

    I dont believe they are for me or cat Louie. If I spot them I give a gentle scoop/lift with a brush to remove.

    I guess those times when you see a beam of sunshine come through the window and light up all those tiny bits of dust and stuff shows that there are lots of things floating around all the time that we dont see.

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    I think it's more of a problem if you are trying to achieve a very smooth finish. I think you paint your still lifes on aluminium don't you, @GTO? On a very smooth surface like aluminium every speck shows up so trying to minimize it is a good idea. But on rougher surfaces like canvas, I don't notice dust getting into the paint. I get through a lot of paper towels, and I'm sure they do produce dust, but I have not noticed the dust on my painting.  I have more of a problem with bits of dried paint and the odd hair that falls from a brush. 
  • @tassieguy yes I do paint on ACM and smooth surfaces.  Every little spec shows up.  For me it is a constant chore keeping the surface clean.
  • @GTO, what about one of those air purifiers that filter out dust etc. That might work.
  • GTO
    A humidifier would reduce airborn dust dramatically, as would a filter.


  • @tassieguy @dencal. I might try adding a filter to the hvac vent in the room.
  • My worst enemy is my dog...hair in every painting... but I would rather him be with me than not hehe
  • @Judith - think of the dog hair addition as proof of authenticity. :)
  • This is great to know, I have struggled with white fuzzies landing on my painting in front of me.

    Though I must say, when I clicked on this thread, I for some reason expected an epic GTO rendering of dust and lint on a baseboard in the highest quality realism. :)
  • Would foam sponges work better at wiping off the paint rather than paper towels which can disintegrate more?
  • GTO

    2 large rolls for $15.

    Chux paper towels and Kleenex tissues don’t throw much lint.

  • OK, maybe I don't use paper towels the Mark Carder way. But - I use paper towels to clean my brushes. I buy the cheapest available at the local store or Costco.

    I don't notice a lint or fuzzy problem from the paper towel. I do not have a paper towel roll mounted on my easel.

    I tear off the towel pieces along the perforations, fold in half, and stack on my palette table. I pick up a paper towel in my hand and squeeze the paper around the brush when I wipe off. Dip the brush in oil and repeat wiping off. I hardly ever vigorously wipe the brush against the paper towel. Instead, I wipe the towel against the brush. Perhaps this takes me 2 seconds more per cleaning than the Carder way. 

    I try to have a separate brush for each color, and paint thin, so this is not an inconvenience. 
  • @dencal I had not heard of lint free paper towels.  I will have to look that up in the states.
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