How to dispose of turpenoid

I'm puting the dirty turpenoid in a plastic bottle with a cap until I can get rid of it.  1) Is it safe for me to keep it in the studio that way or would it be better in the garage?  2)  How to safely dispose? Thank you in advance for any help and advice. 


  • Francie

    Check online for hazardous waste disposal. My city council accepts all manner of such waste materials, without charge, to prevent them becoming a toxic pollutant in the environment.

  • Thanks Denis.  I was wondering about that.  I'll check into it  :)
  • I've been wondering about that, too. I have accumulated many jars of old walnut oil that contains pigments including cadmium which is a great color but toxic. I will check to see if my local council accepts such waste. 
  • The process here is really entertaining. The hazmat truck comes to our community dump twice a year. You drive in, and see the dump employees peacefully chatting with the hazmat guy. Then the dump employees notice you approaching with few bottles and they start running away leaving the poor hazmat guy deal with your chemicals alone. =)

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