Latest painting finished oil on 9x7 inch wooden panel


  • Wow, that's scary good, @MichaelD. The realism is amazing.  The amount of detail in such a small painting is staggering. I love the almost lost edges on the left.  The little highlights on the eyelid and lips are wonderful. And the quirky composition works a treat. It holds your attention because we want to see the other side and our eyes/mind keeps trying to fill it in.  And you handled the colour over the grisaille beautifully.

    I think you should be very pleased indeed with this.  :)
  • Amazing detail, especially given the size.  It has an emotional impact as well.  The close cropping adds to that effect.  It causes me to stop and really look at the facial expression.
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    @tassieguy @GTO
    Thank you both for your comments  I was meticulous over each part and would have to take breaks when I got too immersed. Its easy to loose sight when I get so deep into it, I re did things when I thought they were off.

    Im glad you think the composition quirky as I wanted to do something other than the straightforward portrait. Im glad it makes you stop and look.

    The lashes I put in last and I found it interesting how they complete the look of the eye looking down.


  • An interesting and very well done.
  • The eye lashes look natural.  They look right.   When I work I don’t move on if there is anything that does not look right,  I’ve found if I do not correct everything as I go I end up with a pile of issues that are just overwhelming.  That’s no fun.  I also do not paint more than two hours at a time. Otherwise I end up glossing over things and not seeing what’s there. 
    You’ve done a fabulous job with the flesh tones and the details like the wrinkles and freckle spots.  A high level of realism.
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    @GTO, that is interesting to hear  your approach. I am a lot better these days at knowing when I need to break off from the painting, so that I can come back at it with fresh eyes.

    Thank you I appreciate your comments. It took several attempts before I was happy with those wrinkles, initially they looked too stilted and didnt look natural.
    Doing this piece helped me understand and get the subtleties and shifts in skin tones.

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    My goodness you can frame a portrait well. It immediately asks questions. Beautifully executed.
    MichaelD said:
    @GTO, that is interesting to hear  your approach. I am a lot better these days at knowing when I need to break off from the painting, so that I can come back at it with fresh eyes.
    Michael that's my personality also. Some achieve by doggedly following through. That wouldn't work for me because I would take shortcuts when I'm tired. For fine woodwork, painting, music, writing, innovating at work... I walk away. Eventually I will see precisely what's needed and how to go about it and nail it. Often on another day. I now know that the brain solves problems in sleep also. 
  • Thank you @Abstraction, much appreciated.

    Yes its so valuable to recognise your best way of working.

    I did this over about 15 days with maybe a couple of days ignoring it. I think I did about 7 hour on one of the days but it would mostly be between 2-5 hours, with little breaks interspersed.
  • oh wow!
    this is just, i don't know, something about it. 
    So much detail and subtlety at the same time.
    You've done such a good job with the colours, edges, composition and values! 
    It's that painting when everything is in harmony.
    Well done Michael, a painting to be proud of :)

  • Hey thank you @Marinos_88 for your kind comments, I am pleased you like it.

    Yes im improving on the subtleties.

    Its given me a keenness to do more portraiture.

    I am proud of it too  :)
  • It’s absolutely gorgeous . The details are so great . I love it , Michael 
  • @Annie

    Thank you so much for your kind words Annie, I am pleased that you love it  :)
  • Wow @MichaelD!  Fantastic self-portrait!  It's positively perfect.  The details are great but mostly I see you have captured expression, mood, and character.  So well done!!
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    Thank you so much for your kind comments @A_Time_To_Paint, I am pleased that you like it and that you feel I captured those things  :)
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