Best android smartphone camera for photographing paintings

I've used Samsung Galaxy for years but over the last 1-2 years realised the images have lost acuity. When I started my creek painting a couple of years ago I naively printed from a google images photo and then one day opened samsung gallery and saw all this intense detail that was totally missing from the image. Oh, is that what that smudge is! It's a branch under the water. So I always used the original image. I was getting better results from it than my canon DSLR.
Well, no longer. When I take a photo or photograph a painting now and magnify to see brushstrokes or details it is rubbish. It's now no different to google images photos. After researching I found that Samsung have dumbed down the software so that it automatically strips your image of details for the average happy-snapper, and they have provided no option to stop it. Lots of frustrated people online. Even when I use pro settings and raw image the detail isn't there. It's like a flipping cartoon version of my painting.
So now that I'm almost due for new phone I want that detail back. Does anyone recommend an android phone with great camera that gives hi-res results - particularly on paintings? I understand Google Pixel are very high quality but I'm not after happy snaps - I want settings where I can magnify an image and see brushstrokes or fine details. I want to take a landscape photo and know what I'm looking at.
iPhone? Nah. Not for me.


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