Mixing Color aka Monitor

I saw a few posts here about mixing colors to match what's on your monitor so thought I might post a link to something I saved in favorites a long time ago and never had time to investigate.

I have no idea if it actually gives satisfactory results but it looks interesting so thought I would share.

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    Yes! Thanks, I have used this virtual mixer. It does give you a good idea where to start when you are trying to mix a color. Best feature is the percentage of each tube and the expected tint range thereafter.

    You can also upload an image and pick colors from the image to mix.
    Also you can specify RGB or CMYK numbers to display a color.

    The printed results are text only and for single colors. I would really like a palette with tube percentages.

    Another problem is when you choose the tubes to approximate the Carder palette, they switch to other colors to perform the mix.

    Wet canvas also has a virtual mixer I have yet to investigate.

    This app is something Winsor and Newton should have available.

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