The Fisherboy

I'd like some constructive comments on this painting.  I've included the reference photo.

It was submitted to the Portrait Society of Atlanta's Fall exhibition, but was not accepted into the show.  Of course, the competition in this show is intense!  Even so, I would like to know what some possible reasons might be.  Thomas Caleb Goggans was the Juror, so a lot depends on how he judges paintings.  

I've resubmitted it to another show and should hear from it in a week or two.

Does it look too much like the photo to be considered artistic enough?



  • I like your painting very much.  The pure joy on this boy's face is priceless.  I have no idea what criteria any individual judge uses and it is probably different from judge to judge.  Good luck in your next show.
  • It’s a good portrait. I can see all the detail and observations you made from the photo, lighting shadows, shape.  Judges reject works for a lot of different reasons.  A good thing to do is get a look at what got accepted in the show.  If the judges statement has any clues as to what they were looking for in terms of the exhibit.  
    Keep painting and check out as many exhibitions as you can.  
  • Thanks, Guys!  
    I'll definitely keep entering it.  I plan to go to the reception for this show to look at the ones that were accepted.

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