Upside down backwards mirror image.

We lived in AK for many years and I remember that my wife and I often had a writing competition where we had to write a sentence, backwards and upside down using your non-intuitive hand and a pencil. It was really good winter fun.
Just wondering if any other artists here have this ability.


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    Sounds like fun. I just tried it. I can write upside down and backwards but not with my non-dominant (left) hand. Has nature short changed me? Or did those who can do it get extra change?  It would be a neat party trick. :)
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    I began life as a primary teacher (feels like several lifetimes ago now). I can picture the moment. A left-handed girl in grade 5 brought up her creative writing to me nonchalantly. I glanced at the two and a half pages of very neat writing with almost perfect letter formation. I asked her, "Do you see anything wrong with this?"
    She looked at it. "No. Why?"
    "Ok. This is mirror writing. Everything is back to front."
    She just stared at it for quite a while before she could see it. It started on the opposite side of the page, right to left, everything backwards, every letter, every word, every sentence perfectly mirrored.
    Sometimes happens with left-handed children but not usually on this scale. Usually just reversal of single letters in early grades.
  • I consider myself to be 95% ambidextrous.  I can write with my nondominant left hand.  I can also write backwards with both hands but have never tried upside down and backwards.  I will have to try that sometime.
  • After we had completed our sentences we’d hold them upside down in front of a mirror to judge them. My wife usually won.
  • That sound like a tricky thing to do but also like a good brain exercise.

    I am right hand dominant but quite comfortable doing some things like using computer mouse with my left.
    I used to play drums when younger and consciously did things with my non dominant hand to try and get some balance
  • Folks

    I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.


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