How much digital content do you do?

Is it worth it? ….

How much digital content do you create and maintain?  Is it worth the time you put into it?

What do you consider the minimal content for web and social media ?

Do you need to maintain a web site?
Do you need to be on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter?  

Any input would be appreciated. 


  • Good discussion topic for artists, @GTO:)

    I don't do any digital content. But I would if I didn't have a gallery to do it for me. If one is trying to go it alone without a gallery then, as well as entering competitions and community shows,  it's probably essential to produce digital content in order to get the work out there to be seen by large numbers of people. So, at the very least, I would have a website. And probably a presence of FB etc. A lot of very good artists do it this way. Without a website and these social media platforms, I can't imagine how else one could get work out there to be seen by, potentially, millions of people, among whom there might be a handful buyers.  And, if your prices are commensurate with the work you put in, then I imagine that you would only need a handful of buyers to make the work involved in producing digital content worthwhile. But it would eat into your painting time. I think it would take a lot of disciplined time management to make it work. You would have to leave enough time to produce good work or there'd be no point in producing digital content.
  • @GTO
    I spend more time doing digital than painting.

    It piquues my curiosity. I spent 20 years in high-level publication automation and find it hard to kick. I manage a few of my own web site along with several for artist and photographer friends.

    Selling painting was once fairly lucrative in early internet days. Now, not so much. I live in a very remote area with few outlets for art. The closest art center is NYC. I hardly fit in there.

    There is a very active artist community here. Many NYC weekenders and retirees. Some still very active in their fields. But that doesn't make a market.

    The market is digital. You have to be directly active in your marketing. Making newsletters, maintaining mailing lists, posts and keeping web pages up to date. . On and on.
    After fifty years of drawing, painting, coding and stuff I'm taking it easy. If it don't work... go fishing.

  • Rob @tassieguy, you don’t do face book ?
    @KingstonFineArt sounds like your doing more digital work than painting.  

    My situation is a bit different.  There are a handful of regional exhibits that are within driving distance so I don’t have to ship art to exhibits.  

    @[email protected] and @[email protected] do you guys ship art to buyers or competitions?  If so how has that worked out?  How do you package them and do you have an account number with fedex that you charge your return shipping to?

    I don’t think I would want to sell an actual painting if I wasn’t comfortable shipping it securely.  And insured.
  • No, @GTO, I don't do Facebook.   But I would do so if I were trying to market my work online.

     I have shipped paintings interstate and overseas. I use an outfit called Pack & Send who, as their name implies, do everything. It's quite expensive but they've never lost or damaged a painting so I continue to use them. They charge extra for insurance but I buy it just in case.  
  • @tassieguy how expensive does that get?  Are you shipping sold works or for competitions? 
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    It costs around $300 to ship a large painting. I have shipped only sold work but would use the same company if I were shipping interstate for big, juried shows/competitions with big prize money.
  • I do maintain an account at instagram and facebook. Just to update my recent works like in my website. cataloguing you can call it. It need not take anytime at all if you posting just the specifics or maybe a tagline or two. I do not take it too seriously by thinking it will give me a profit one day... It might go obsolete one day, but at present it quite popular and so just maintaining an account as many professionals do. 
    I mostly do instagram for seeing other artist's work... such talents are out there, really inspiring.
  • tassieguy said:
    It costs around $300 to ship a large painting. I have shipped only sold work but would use the same company if I were shipping interstate for big, juried shows/competitions with big prize money.
    Useful to know. If I ever get around to selling you need to know the cost to add it to the price. I'll get your insights on how to do that - how you pack and who you ship with, etc.
  • I have my own site that I got up and running a couple of years back. Im on Instagram with my art but though im on facebook its not with the art.

    I dont do much to maintain my site but im glad I have it up there.

    As for Instagram, its nice to see a lot of peoples artwork on there, though its like a load of artists in the same boat, im not sure how much others see the work.
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