3 paintings: Dahlias, wedding flowers,rose(s)

Hello everyone,

Here are my 3 latest paintings.

I learnt here that Dahlias are not at all good as cut flowers they barely held for 3 days.. had to paint half of the painting from photos. But glad i fulfilled my wish of painting them atleast once. 

Dahlia blooms
12"x16", Oil on canvas

This next painting is literally using wedding flowers! My neighbor wanted me to have them at the end of the program (P.S I didn't ask for them, but might have been seen admiring the flowers :D ) Anyway, i thought of taking out a few for this painting. 

Wedding flowers (the shadow's look black but aren't, sorry for the bad photo!)
11"x14", Oil on gessoboard

For the 3rd paining, the story of my life happened again, my flowers died as i was just finished with the metal bowl and i was supposed to paint more than a dozen white spray roses. Then i realized i had a rose (single) that another of my neighbors gave me (along with some other stuff as a part of a religious ritual) and i used the same flower in different poses for the whole painting. It was more fun than i would have painting the tiny spray roses from a photo am sure. Bless my neighbors!

My cup runneth over
11"x14", Oil on gessoboard

Thank you for your time to see the paintings and comments! Any suggestions or improvement ideas for future paintings is really welcome!



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