RIDGE - 48"X38" - OOC (Update)

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This is a dolerite ridge that you can be follow to the summit of Kunanyi which you can see in the distance at upper right.  I liked the "Z" movement of the boulders and the pink and green colour scheme. This is the biggest picture I've ever painted. I got it done in about 10 days. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed painting this one.

There are still a few touches needed to finish it completely. I took this photo at night under my crappy studio lights so the right side is a little too dark, the structure in the clouds doesn't show up and, in reality, the colours are a bit richer. But it gives an idea of the painting (but see edit note below). It's big and works best when seen full size - it has more impact than is possible to show in a small photo like this. 

All that notwithstanding, I'd appreciate any feed back folks care to give.  :)

Thanks for taking a look.

Edit: I've made a few changes and replaced the awful photo I took last night with one taken outside in daylight. 


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    That is a big piece Rob, I love the textures of rock and shrubberies. There are so many colours in those rocks and you are a master at them, I can imagine it is pretty striking to see it for real.

    The sky looks a little washed out/faint but maybe its just the photo, Though im aware its in distance too.

    Great work  :)
  • Thanks, @MichaelD:)

    The sky will look better when I take a photo outside in daylight. 
  • Really nice Rob. I love all the muted hues. In fact I think you have used every colour in the rainbow here! I like your tree and sea paintings the best, but that's just my personal preference rather than any technical critique on these paintings.

    For some reason I can no longer open photos on DMP at full size by right clicking on them and selecting 'open in new tab' as it opens an even smaller version :/

    Oh.. I know it's not intentional but the colour patterns on the rocks kind of reminds me of Seurat's colour pointillism approach :)
  • Wow.  This is a big painting.  I imagine it feels different in person with this large boulders in the foreground.  
  • Thanks, @Richard_P and @GTO:)

    I took a better photo outside today and replaced the one I originally posted.
  • Looks fantastic in the light.  The speckled colors in the dolerite is consistent.  That must have taken some patience to do.
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    Thanks, @GTO. :)  Yes, it was a lot of work. The rocks are basically specks of pink/orange and green/blue with a violet undertone but the value and chroma of these colours varies throughout the picture so it was quite difficult keeping control of that. 

    @Richard_P, I didn't set out to do pointillism a la Seurat but there was no other way I could think of the to show the texture of the rocks. I hope it works and doesn't look too fiddly.   :)
  • Looks fantastic @tassieguy! This size painting on the wall will look mesmerizing
  • Wow…  I like the “Z” in the composition too. But 10 days.. you where busy! Again , like your last path one I’d love to see these in person.  :3
  • Thanks very much, @ArtGal and @joydeschenes. Much appreciated. I'm hoping this one is good enough to include in my January show. I haven't got many done that I'm happy with this year because I've been so ill - three operations and four hospitalizations in the last 6 months have held me back. When I was ill the quality of my work declined. But I'm better now and, luckily, I still have four months left to do some good ones.  :)
  • The color/texture of the rocks looks natural.  They don’t look fiddled with.
    I am impressed with your dedication given all the health issues you’ve been through this year.  I think the works you’ve done during this time look great and will do well for the next show.
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    Thanks, @GTO. I'm glad the rocks look right.

    I've got six or seven I'm happy enough with to show.  And I still have four months left so, now that I'm well again,  I should be able to get a dozen ready for January. The gallery director texted me today about the show and asked how the painting is going. I didn't tell her about my illnesses and the need to catch up. I'll tell her about all that after the show.  Not sure how many more of these shows I want to do. I'm working harder now than I did before I retired, lol.  :)
  • Impressive to say the least
  • Beautiful details on this piece @tassieguy ! and i see such variation of colors in the little brush strokes on the rocks, blue, yellow, purple and they combine so well into an overall pink colors as a mass... really genius!
  • Beautiful painting.  My only suggestion is that the rocks on the left side just below the horizon could be softened a bit to make them recede more so they don't draw your eye off the canvas.
  • The subject deserves the magnitude of the canvas. Big scenery, big painting... just lovely. It's grand and does that up close but then stretching towards infinity thing I love.
    Only one tidy up - the main bush in the foreground appears to have a horizontal scratch of something towards the top.
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    Thanks. @ASCooperband and @Abstraction.

    That's a good suggestion, @ASCooperband. I could soften those rocks with a transparent white/blue glaze now that it's dry.

    @Abstraction, that horizontal scratch is not really there - it's an artifact from the processing of the photo of the painting. Occasionally, when I save a RAW photo as a jpg in GIMP or Affinity it misses a little bit of data and leaves a white line like that.

    Thanks to both again for your kind comments.  :)
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