Games Oil on ACM 24”x24”

I haven’t posted anything for a while.  Summer stuff got in the way and this painting took a lot longer than the typical painting.  
I just finished it and will post a better photo later.
The cards are a copy of a deck from  Hardy a taxed deck for export to the colonies of the US back in colonial times. 

The dice are wooden hand carved and go with the box that is used for a tavern dice game.  The cylinder on top of the box is a hand made leather drinking glass from the same period.
All comments welcome. Thanks for checking it out.



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    Wow, this is superb @GTO, and up there with your finest work.

    I actually thought it was a source photo.

    Incredible realism, all the different textures wood, leather, cloth handled beautifully.

  • Wow indeed! Brilliant work. I thought it was the source photo too at first. Love all the detail, amazing!

    The only thing I can give C&C on is that some edges (like the cylinder) appear a bit sharp.
  • Yes, I thought it was the source photo. Shockingly good. I think I need your eye on my painting as it has still life elements - quite shoddy by comparison to your work here.
  • Thanks @MichaelD @Richard_P and 
    Yes the edges on just about everything is sharp except the shadow of the box, the pine wood grain and the reflections of the cards. I’ve found it can be a challenge to achieve a level of realism when leaving so many hard edges.  I have to rely on vale and color at the edges to get the depth correct.
    This photo loses some of the details.  Like the highlights on the very top edges of the cards.  There’s actually a bit of yellow and red in those highlights.
    @Abstraction, I’d be glad to take a close look at your painting and give a detailed critique if you like.  
    BTW this painting took probably a total of seventy hours to complete.
  • The level of detail is amazing! 
  • Simply amazing, @GTO. The realism is off the hook and it's an interesting composition. And I really like the concept and subject matter. It's a good size, too. I guess this one will go in a competition.

    BTW, at 75 hours for a 24" X 24", I'd say we paint at about the same speed.  :)
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    Thanks @whunt much appreciated.
    Thanks @tassieguy I’ll submit it to a show next year.  I’ve already got three in two shows this year and have three more for a couple more shows this year.  It is interesting that we paint at about the same rate.  I don’t mind the time while working on them.  The time just slips away while painting.
  • Amazing work @GTO ! i imagine it looks even more impressive in real being that size. Good luck with all the shows :)
  • Thanks @ArtGal much appreciated.
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    That's the painting? I thought it was the reference! Wow. (I know everyone else said that, but come-on!)

  • @GTO
    This is a very good painting. There are two things the lock my eyes. The lines on the bottom, front face of table top and the dark space below, are nearly equal in size. This is causing me to get stuck there too long. The back edge of the table top is is coincidental with the edge of the pine paneling. Agin just a bit sticky. These things do't take away from the quality of the painting.

    I live in a log house. When I see more pine I long for paint. 
  • @tonybluegoat ha! 😂 thanks for the feedback and taking the time to check it out. 

    @KingstonFineArt I see what you mean.  The photo is cropped a bit on the bottom. But not by much.  In the actual painting the black bottom is about half and inch wider than the width of the table.  I will have to take a different photo later.  
    I like the pine. It’s fun to paint.  But this may be the last time I do so.  It’s kind of like that red tassel that I kept reusing.  I didn’t want to repeat it too often but it really works well with this setup.

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