New to these forums

I started painting when I was nine, then school, life and work got in the way.  I picked it up again years ago as a part-time hobby, and have painted a few I'm pleased with, and some that I'm not.  I've watched various TV artist, including Helen Van Wyk, whom I consider the best of these.  Jerry Yarnell was another, who teaches a somewhat different method to Mark Carder.  And I can't ignore William Alexander and Bob Ross.  Both reawakened my interest after a long lapse, so they at least deserve credit for that.

Until I found Mark Carder on Youtube, I never had color mixing explained so well in a way that makes logical sense, as opposed to mixing by recipes, as such.  Who can remember all these???  I always said this of anything I was working on: if you know how something works, you have a good chance of fixing it.  In a sense, this describes how he teaches color mixing.  It's how colors work with each other, as I see it.

I'll be watching this forum, and catching up on all of Mr. Carder's videos.



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