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So I painted this  À la prima after a detailed sketch I used  proportional divider , and  tried  my best to color match. Thoughts. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back and do finishing touches where I messed up.  Can anyone help me with a title they are Apple tree flowers by the way from my backyard.  also I have been painting for a year and a half using Mark Carder’s  methods.  happy painting everybody paint or die !


  • paintordie

    Glass seems a tad too over highlighted.
    Blossom petals need darker shadows and depth cues.

    It is a fine piece of work.

  • My question is at this point do I let it fully dry and then go back in to make adjustments ? I’m also thinking of glazing in the dark values once fully dry ! Thoughts . 
  • paintordie

    If semi dry, any brushwork has the potential to break up skinned over paint, making a mess. So let dry.
    If your itching to go use a fat mix and a light touch.

    Each glaze coat will need to be fully dry before the next coat. Suggest Liquin, a modified soy oil, to speed drying.

  • 'A Taste of Spring'
    Then you can do another painting of the apples & old leaves called
    'A Taste of Autumn

    That's pretty inane I know but it might get you thinking. Why did you choose to paint those flowers? Does the apple tree have any memories or meaning for you?

    The petals are lovely.
  • Thank you heartofengland . The main reason I painted the flowers from the Apple tree is nobody else is doing it . The apples are still green and too small and I’m not sure the apples will be any good this year anyways , so I took what I could from it. 
  • I don't think your painting needs much adjustment.The highlight on the left side of the glass vase helps draw the eye back up to the blossoms. Apple blossoms are very delicate: be careful about adding too much depth.
    As to your apples: removing all but one or two per cluster will make the remaining one(s) grow bigger.
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