Giclee printing from an iPhone file?

Can I expect a calibrated giclee printer to print accurate color from an iPhone 13 Pro Max file that has no modifications?

Has anyone had any experience doing this?

My printer (Gallery Street in Roswell, Georgia) does his own scans and claims that the prints will be color matched without making proofs.  My experience with that has not been good even when he does the scans.

I'm going to send him a file as a test, but was wondering what others have experienced.


  • @mstrick96
    No. No camera is going to give correct results without color correcting. Your iPhone can shoot a raw image which will give you the best possible result from a iphone. Your printers scan should give you a good result. But you have to stand beside him in the proofing process. There are so many factors in making good giclee.
    I scan my smaller watercolors and the difference between photos and scans is night and day. Not so much with oils or acrylic with a surface texture. I have a large format printer. 
    It's easy to make a reasonable image for the screen from the iPhone. A different can of worms.
    Printing is a can of worms. 
  • @mstrick96
    I went to your printers website to see if the list their digital tools. The seem to be on top of scanning and printing. The iPhone is no match for their scanning camera. Though it is not a scanner.
  • Thanks @KingstonFineArt.  
    The printer has agreed to do a test print so that we can see how far off the color is.  

    Gallery Street is an hour away from my house plus it's hard to tell when they will be scanning and proofing my images, so that's another bag of worms.  They only charge $75 for a scan, but that includes limited color corrections.  The last one I sent them would have required different adjustments in different zones.

    For portraits that are delivered to the client, I want to have a good quality print made for display.

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