Skinner's Falls in the fall. FINISH

Back from a holiday and just time off from everyday.
I have this working... Maybe almost half way. Trying not to be too fussy. This is the eddy pool just above the falls. The falls can be a tricky row when the levels are down,



  • Good progress! You can already feel the stillness.
  • I will be interested in seeing how this works out. You've reached the stage where I lose heart and walk away whenever I've tried blocking in. 

    Thanks for posting.
  • @heartofengland
    From here on it's just work and discipline. I've had a few obstacles. But I'm back at it today.
  • It’s looking very cool. Can’t wait to see how it finishes.
    BTW My wife had eye surgery a week ago, replaced a lens due to cataracts.  She has to get the other eye done in a week.  
    She can’t believe the difference.  She said her blue jeans actually look blue now!  And she can see a lot more detail.  She has looked at a few of my paintings and said they look so much better now.  Of course now that she can see all my wrinkles I probably look a lot older now.  😂
  • This has to dry and flatten then get oiled to see what might heed adjustment. On to the next one.

  • Looks awesome! I want to canoe all alone right into the distance and around the bend…relaxing and inviting. 
  • Around the corner is a set of ledges called Skinners Falls. 
  • I like the abstraction in this painting.  I am not a landscape painter so i have a lot to learn about it. 
    Do you find that reflections in water have a higher value and chroma like the brighter yellow and the red in the orange banks?  The darks look deeper in the water as well.  
    I like the color pallet you used in this and the bit of blue sky reflection.  That is a nice touch to the scene.
  • @GTO
    Thank for the observations. As for the abstractions I'm drawn to this in my nature paintings. Where we have multiple surfaces. Some transmitting light by reflection. Some in shadow. Some magnifying the others. It helps make me crazy and in my element,
    The water is the big player here. It's transparent, has depth, is reflective and magnifying.The surface is moving and blending the reflections. Then there are the floating bits that I hope indicate the movement.
    I have to wait for the paint to 'sink' and then oil it out to find contrast issues. I like the sound of this painting buy not so sure on the notes yet.

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