"Canned Tomatoes" - 12 x 16 in. - oil on canvas

I must say....painting a live reference in direct sunlight has taught me more about oil painting than anything else before. From the moment you sit down and put the paint to the canvas up until he end of the painting, the sunlight has changed significantly. I painted a mason jar a few days ago next to a window. The lighting had changed but not as much as it did when I was sitting outside . 

By the way, I love using Geneva Oil Paints! I started with Artist Loft Store bought oil paint and then moved onto Winton Winsor and Newton. The fact that I don't have to anything but lay the paint down and let it dry is amazing. Mark, if it wasn't for your channel, I wouldn't know half the things I know now about painting. Thank you for contributing so much to the art world. 


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