Self portrait-work in progress oil paint(12x8inch wooden panel) a little further on

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Monochrome underpainting done.

I am pleased with the progress so far.


  • This is  very strong underpainting, @MichaelD. The drawing is good and the image is full of character. I can't wait to see what it will look like when you add colour.  :)
  • Thank you so much @tassieguy.

    I have actually decided now to make this a monochrome painting, as I have never done one before.

    Theres still a lot to do to it.  :)
  • Looks excellent @MichaelD. The expression shows me an intelligent and serious introspective soul. I can understand why you may want to keep it as a monochrome painting. That said however, since we have seen some of your other exceptional works in full color, perhaps you may want to take it in that direction as well. Look forward to seeing whatever you choose. :)
  • Wow @MichaelD, this looks great!  Chiseled features, intense gaze, strong presence.  Good going!
  • Thank you for your kind words @whunt.

    It would be unintelligent for me to disagree with your conclusions and thoughts on my expression  :) 
    Im usually a bit of a joker so I wanted to do one that was more thoughtful looking.

    To give some background on my decision to make it a monochrome. I caught the dreaded virus a couple of weeks back and though most symptoms are now gone for more than the past week I have felt like I have no energy and have had brain fog. There have been many days when I had every intention of and wanted to pick up the paint brushes, but it just wasn’t happening.

    So I was really chuffed when I managed to do this a couple of days ago (I had already done the predrawing a month back). When I mentioned to an artist friend and mentor that I liked the monochrome, she said well why dont you  make it that and take the pressure off.

    She knows me well, as I was feeling pressure as to whether or not I could make a good go of it with the colour. Now usually I would see that as a challenge that I need to break through and to work on it until I got it right.

    But im going with taking the pressure off. There is still a fair bit to go to make it a finished monochrome  piece anyhow.


  • Thank you so much @A_Time_To_Paint I am glad you like it. 

    There may have been a teensy bit of artistic licence chiselling on a jowl, but very minor  :)
  • @MichaelD a phenomenal start! All I can say is as an artist you are a stud!!! What a great monochrome underpainting, much more advanced than your average block in! Can’t wait to see the progress from here!  
  • Thank you for your kind words @pcstaples (ha ha @ `stud`)

  • i was always wondering about the man behind the avatar🙂
    looking good so far, monochrome is going to make things less complicated for sure and it still looks good!
    looking forward to see it finished
  • All the important things are there already. I mean all the elements of a really good portrait or painting. The strength, the drama... you have the Rembrandt triangle on the cheek which I didn't know was a thing until recently. The lighting not only brings chiaroscuro, drama - but something about great portraits I love... the half in light, half more shadowed, and as you move between each eye, there's something inscrutable, like there is so much more going on behind the face and the eyes, deep in the soul. The way de Niro once said that when he acts he often actually does less, very little with his face and allows everyone to read into it. I'm realising not just lighting, but pupil placement is contributing to this strong presence.
  • Thank you so much @Marinos_88 for your kind comments  :)
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    @Abstraction, thank you so much for your in depth and thoughtful comments. Its really good to hear that im on the right tracks and that this has something to it. Its especially helpful considering that I only made my first attempt a couple of months back, having wanted to try portraiture for some time but my own fear I let get in the way.

    I appreciate you listing all that it evokes for you.

    I too was only made aware of the Rembrandt triangle by a friend who advised me to do it for this portrait.

    `Are you talkin to me? ` :)
    De Nero is one of my favourite actors, and yes less is more is so applicable to much, acting, expression, painting, music…..

    I just need to make sure I dont mess it up   :)
  • I'm on only my third portrait - first one not part of a class. I've learnt this: trust the process. You can (or I can, anyway) quickly get into a stage where you feel you've lost control, particularly with colour. The slough of despond. Just keep going through the ugly stages if they happen.
  • very appealing ! the shadows work well.
  • Looks a good start, keep going! :)
  • @Abstraction yes I find that too, its all part of it isnt it. Going through thinking im doing ok with this then this is awful, back to its quite good and so on , ha ha.

    yes pushing through is the way. I met an artist (has been for over 30 year and was also a teacher) recently who told me she always finishes a painting, no mater what.  :)

  • Thank you @adridri, I am pleased that it appeals  :)
  • Thank you for your encouragement @Richard_P :)
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    Thank you all for taking time to look and comment and for your kind words, thoughts and encouragement.

    Having had a good chat with friend and mentor I am going to continue with this as a black and white and work on the forms and transitions.

    I will then have the option when that is complete to either leave as is or treat it as a grisaille and start applying the colour layers.

    Its all good  :)

  • Have done some more work on left side of this and made adjustment to the eye as was off in previous one.

  • It's taking shape very nicely, @MichaelD.   :)
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