The Unknown Artist

Just a video I came across of a collection of paintings by now forgotten artists and it brought up the you care if your name is lost to history as long as your work still endures?
Sad to think all that effort, struggle and talent are lost but at least they receive some recognition here.
Their work at least is remembered and maybe one day the paintings will find a name. 



  • Thank you @Intothevoid , interesting thought and video. I noticed that most of those paintings where of a person to remember or a bible based lesson while a small amount where “still life’s” as purely decorative. So, I guess each had their pride of place in it’s time  ( although I’m not sure about the baby with the skull ).  I do kind of figure that what would have made those artists happy is that the people that where important to them , family, fellow artists ect. saw value in  their art.  
  • @joydeschenes
    Yes they must have been admired by someone in their time, family, close friends or the patrons they were painted for. I just think of the years some of these artists must have put into their craft just to be lost to time. Waking up, preparing the canvas, making their pigments and painstakingly mixing their colours thinking "Today I am going to paint my masterpiece!"
    It is sad yet kind of heart warming at the same time  :)
    Then all these famous artists like Rembrandt who rode the wave of fame yet died absolutely broke, destitute and forgotten. He must of thought history had and would forget him forever or artists who struggled their entire life and got absolutely nowhere and are now hanging in some of the most prestigious museums in the world.
    Art is a funny old game..
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    @Intothevoid, it was interesting to watch and look at these works, thank you.

    I dont care that my name will be lost to history and I very much doubt that my work will endure to the same degree as, for example some of the highly regarded famous artists.

    I consider that being realistic rather than negative.  :)

    I think even with artists that leave their mark on the world their relevance changes through the ages.
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