Make your own Geneva paints

Has someone living in Europe or elsewhere where Geneva paints are not available, tried Mark’s recipee for medium and mixed with Winsor&Newton color tubes as advised in Mark’s video? I have tried as indicated in the video but results are not satisfactory. The resulting paint is very sticky and does not flow. I suspect because of Venecian Turpentine. I used Talens V. Turpentine. Can you advise?


  • I live in Barcelona, Spain. Anyone close by interested in interchanging experiences with making own paints a la Geneva?
  • MarcelC

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I used the formula Slow Dry Medium (SDM) before Geneva was available in Australia. Still do, to use up a large stock of oil colour.

    You have not provided any information to allow anyone to diagnose your SDM problem.
    Thick and sticky suggests too much resin or not enough solvent.
    SDM should be about the viscosity of olive oil on a cool day. The mixed paint values should slide off a vertically held palette knife after a few seconds. Mark used tomato ketchup to describe the desirable consistency of mixed paint.

    Suggest adding small amounts of solvent progressively to adjust the consistency.

  • I mixed his formula last year and I’m still using it, like Denis I had a stock of Winsor oils already but I did have access to everything he suggested. It’s doing just fine,  although now I mix it in when I’m mixing my palette colors  and he’s right on the consistency and I found that using a palette knife to mix the best way. 
  • I just made a batch with WN oils as described in Mark's video.
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