Gold and Blue Interior

Hi all

This is the sister painting of Blue and Gold Interior, which I sold earlier. I will keep this one I think.

Thoughts welcome!



  • Nice one.

    For me, this is definitely the better of the two.

    The shading of the right door is more controlled and you haven't needed outlines on the vertical wood piece.

    The shadows on the floor work better too. I like the angle of sunlight that you've captured on the far wall. This feels painted rather than drawn as in the earlier painting.

    Overall there is more depth and 3d in this painting that is appealing.

    Have you painted 'sisters' before and why are you thinking of keeping this one?
  • Beautiful composition and painting.
  • Very pretty, I’d keep it too. @Mio love those shadows . 
  • It's lovely, @Mioi. This is the better of the two.  :)
  • Thank you @Richard_P @joydeschenes and @tassieguy ... 

    @heartofengland I have done sister paintings before, but not often, this is the first one where I used different reference photos of the same scene. Usually, I use the same reference photo and make a few changes. I sold most of the interiors that I did recently, rather I would keep at least one. This is also much more colourful than usual for me, so could be a good example to hold.
  • A real great piece love the composition value contrasts, also the frame is an excellent choice and it shows the importance of a sometimes overlooked aspect of a final work.
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    Layered depth. The eye has to tunnel its way in, in stages, to be eventually lost in that dark shadow which promises more depth. Simple colour scheme accentuated by perfect framing that extends the box-like motif in several further steps right to the edge of the frame. I like things that transform a flat wall by creating virtual space behind the wall for our eyes.
  • Awesome combo of geometric shapes in beautiful muted colors, shadows and sun drenched highlights! Makes you want to enter and slowly soak in the experience while your imagination runs wild on what history has occurred in that space. Wonderful painting!
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