'Khasi Beauty'- 9 by 12 Charcoal on paper

'Khasi' is a powerful matriarchal tribe of Meghalaya, India. They have a rich history of safeguarding ancient wisdom, it amused me to the core. This beautiful Khasi lady instantly became my muse. Please do share your feedback. Thanks for stopping by 



  • The necklace, arm band and hat is fascinating in this portrait. The hat looks a bit flat instead of cylindrical.  I like her expression.
  • You can pay a little attention to the eyes. The outline of the eyes can be made less contrasting. Pay attention to the eyeball . You can add clarity to its shape with shadows. You can also put more shadow on the eyeball, which the model has on the left (shadow side). That part of the face is more shaded and by working on the shadow , you will be able to achieve greater depth and sensuality.
  • I really like your drawing a lot.  Besides what GTO and Kit pointed out, I'm not sure about the flowers at the top of the drawing.  Is that part of her hat?  Maybe ground them somehow to the hat and wondering if the angle of the flowers is correct?
  • @vartikasinha, well caught mischievous look. 

    I’m with @A_Time_To_Paint on being confused by the flower’s position. Do they have some hidden meaning?
  • Did a little googling on the Khasi people.

    The dark eye outline is how they wear their eye makeup not a drawing mistake.

    The metal hat with the flowers is part of their traditional dress. It is called, for young girls, “Ka Pansngiat Theisotti” which translates to “A crown for the pure/virgin”. Don’t know about the significance for adult women but I’m sure there are meanings.

    Saw pictures of women wearing these with some of the flowers toward the back, some towards the left, and some towards the right. 

    I also saw photos where men of the tribe had turbans with festive flowers or other plant materials for decorations. I assume different festival’s used different decorations but couldn’t find more on that either.

    Interesting people with a fascinating history and culture.

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