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Can I use Shiva Signa-Turp and cold pressed linseed oil

Hello everyone new to the forum and I am ready to begin this journey with Mark.
I have bought 2 of the $20 vids from mark and have watched them and now I am ready to try it.
Wanted to know if I can use Shiva Signa-Turp instead of Venise turp and can I use cold pressed linseed oil for the slow dry medium. I have these in my supplies already.


  • rrizo

    No! Sigma turp is a paint thinner and substitute for turpentine.
    It will be a thin, volatile and colorless liquid.
    You could substitute this for the OMS component of the slow dry medium

    Venetian turpentine is not really a turpentine but a resin.
    It is thick, honey consistency, golden yellow and smells like conifer trees.
    It is the resin from the larch tree. Shiva has a Venetian 'turpentine' product.

    VT will extend the open time (as will the clove oil), smooth the brushstrokes and give the paint a nice workable consistency.


  • Thank you Denis I guess need to go back to Jerry's, I ordered the clove oil from amazon I have time until it arrives.

    Do you think the cold pressed linseed oil is OK?
  • rrizo said:

    Do you think the cold pressed linseed oil is OK?

    yes :-)

  • rrizo

    CPLO should be fine. However, I did read in a recent article of The Artist (Jan 2013, p50). James Gillick says "...I buy fresh, cold pressed, organic linseed oil and refine it myself to remove the omega 3 fatty acids, which will cause linseed oil to yellow over time".

    I think Gillick is a tad too precious here and plain old linseed oil would do just fine.

  • Wow love this place responses from Mark can't beleive it.
    And responses from Denis including recent articles that includes page numbers, that is amazing.
    THX guys

    Another question I am using Lefranc brand Titanium white I had already bought this one after reading Alla Prima by Master Schmid that is the white he suggest using. Looked it up on their website and they use "soya oil for the 3 whites to prevent yellowing" this is exact words from the website.
    So is this white Ok?

    Here is a pic of my supplies so far, I am going tomorrow to buy turp and clove oil is on the way from amazon.
  • rrizo

    Sorry no knowledge of Lefranc. If Schmid thinks it's OK, then that's a pretty reliable recommendation.

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