• Hi @paintordie How big is your painting? Oils? I like your sky , and where it meets those lovely mountains. 
  • Yes oils and it is 30x40 . 
  • Beautifully done. The contrast of light and shadow is as grande as the mountain.
  • I really like this one. It's a nice composition and the sky, mountain and trees are very well rendered. The texture is beautiful and the lighting adds drama. 

    One thing you might want to think about in future landscapes like this is to make the mountain bluer/grayer and a bit lighter in value so that you get some atmospheric perspective happening and the mountain recedes into the distance a bit. But this one works well as it is. 

    Did you use a photo reference? 
  • Thank you . I did use a photo as my main reference. But I was there and remember a lot of the feel of it at the time. The picture of my painting is not that good. The shadow areas to the right inch darker. This was in the middle of the day but the clouds where moving fast and light was changing so much . Would have been a hard to do plain air . 
  • This is STUNNING.  I'm very impressed.
  • @paintordie, love this painting, if you don't mind me asking, which mountain range are you painting? The reason I ask, I used to live in Colorado and enjoyed hiking in various regions, particularly the San Juans. One of the many things that always amazed me about those high Colorado mountains, many over14,000 ft., was how clear the air was, making the colors so intense and vibrant. I think you did a great job depicting that in your painting. Brings back many very good memories of the intense beauty and grandeur that abound there. 
  • beautiful composition! Especially the perfect blue in the and the warm sunlight on the snow!
  • I love this. My goodness I'd love to paint skies the way you have there. I love the way you've pulled our vision from that patch of blue sky on the right - when we inevitably end up there - almost funnelled down the mountain slope to that focal point where the gold meets the snow. You can't avoid it from any point on the mountain - it all converges there. And the parallel lines of vertical trees stretching up to where the mountain invariably carries you to the peak. I love the shoulder of the neighbouring peak on the left.
    This is just lovely.
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