Introducing my paintings

I dont want to say much about my paintings, because i think that in the art world there are more philosophers than artists. I like the desing of Mucha and the simplicity of Sargent. Some of my paintings ideas as from internet ( mostly background design ), some are from real life. 



  • I love the design in these @Plamen. And where you do paint flowers and faces against your background designs  they are very good. I especially like the white lily  framed by the red disc.  :)
  • All very nice works.  I particularly like the portraits.
  • Lovely designs ….thank you for sharing and welcome to the forum @Plamen
  • Welcome to the forum.  Your designs are superb.  
  • "All very nice works. I particularly like the portraits." Me too.

    What sizes are these pieces and what materials do you use?
    For the designs around the outside, do you plan them out in detail or are they straight from your imagination as you paint? You capture the style of Mucha  very well.

  • PlamenPlamen -
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    The size of portraits is 46x55 cm. The size of the flowers is 30x60 cm.
    Materials - oil on canvas.
    The design is planned. I draw on paper and transfer them on to the canvas. 
    My tubes are - titanium white, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red, q. magenta, burnt sienna and ultramarine blue and sky blue. I will post a picture of my palette. I print 4 values scale and put my telephone on monochrome and when mixing i try to get close to the printed value. I keep my values the same - for example my lightest yellow is the same value as my lightest red/ blue/ brown and with the others 2, 3, 4 scale is the same. I store them in the freezer and the last more than 6 - 7 months, if not even more. When framing i always look the frame to be a color that is in the painting. Sometimes if the blue is alone on the canvas, i buy a blue frame so that the eye doesnt get concentrated only on the alone blue spot. When i make a layer, i gently scrape everything with a palette knife, because it makes the lines blend ( i`ve take that from Bouguereau ). Every new layer when finished is scraped, so everything can be even and soft. 
  • Welcome to DMP! Nice work. I like the recurring circular motif, and using the phone on mono to check values is clever.
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