Greetings from Bulgaria

Hello everyone !
Im from Bulgaria, 23 y.o. 
For about 5-6 years now im into painting, which about a year now im really making real progress. When i was 12th grade i was introduced to Draw Mix Paint and Mark really helped me a lot in my process. 4 years in academy they wanted me to do more "modern art", telling me that nobody buys realism art in 21 century, which eventualy i`ve felt a big wall blocking me in my path. Long story short - i never give up realism. 
My motivation in painting is big to the point where if even a day without art ( looking a painting, reading about something in the art past and present ) is just a lost day. 
Now im towards making paintings so i can go to a gallery and people to see me. I will post my paintings in "Post Your Paintings", so you can see them.
For now my favorite painters are - Alphonse Mucha, Sargent, de Laszlo.
Im happy to be here, because i love being around painters ( no matter what style they like ).


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