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I was browsing YouTube the other day and I saw this. Glenn Beck has a Geneva easel. Apparently he paints. Strange things. 


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    I was browsing YouTube the other day and I saw this. Glenn Beck has a Geneva easel. Apparently he paints. Strange things. 
    You paint.  
    YouTube found a video for you,
     and in it is someone else who happens to paint.  What’s strange about that?
  • Good to see that Mark's products are selling widely. 
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    I have actually been subscribed to Chelsea Lang, a painter on Youtube, for over a year now, and only this morning did I see on Youtube this video of her putting together her Geneva Studio Easel 2 years ago!

    Who here has one or knows someone who has it?

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    I would have liked Mark's big studio easel but they didn't ship to OZ back when I started so I made the one Mark shows how to make in his video. It works well. I'd love to get Mark's big easel now that they do ship to OZ but the lack of space and low ceiling in my studio wouldn't allow me to use it properly. When I move again next year I'll have a bigger studio that will accommodate it so I'll will get it then. I can't wait. 
  • Here is the link to the easel and a video:

    I really wish I had a studio or even just room for that thing!  Looks amazing!

    @tassieguy I notice, it looks like they dont ship to Australia...  

    and BTW Which video are you talking about WRT your own home made easel?

  • @CBG, it's this one: how to make a great artists' easel - YouTube

    It's easy to make, the materials are inexpensive and you need minimal tools.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the big new studio model but it's great for someone who is  just starting out who wants an economical easel that works and that they can make themselves. 

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    Thanks @tassieguy I remember seeing that video a long time ago.

    It's giving me some ideas...

    Do you still use it?  What are its drawbacks/weaknesses?
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    Cheers, @CBG.

     I'm disappointed to learn that they don't ship the easels to OZ. 

    I still use the one I made following Mark's instructions but only as a spare when I have two paintings going at the same time. I bought a studio easel with wheels because, although the old one is not very heavy, I'm not getting any younger and have lower back issues and so I needed something on wheels that I could easily push around the studio. It was only when I got it home I realized I would not be able to use it to it's full height in my low-ceilinged studio and so I've had to work out ways of using it with my big canvases. 

    But I would still recommend the one Mark shows how to make. It's great for someone who's just starting out and who hasn't got a lot of money to spend on a commercially available studio easel.
  • Another video about how to assemble Mark Carder's Geneva Easel:

    That easel just looks so amazing!
  • Looks like a 1950 style comic space rocket to me! I don't mean that in a bad way, it just always remind me with the shape. :)

    I don't use an easel anymore.
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    @Richard_P What do you use?
    I don't have a studio, I'm painting in living area so have to pack away. I've been using an old french easel that I had to semi-rebuild (I like woodwork), but this current painting is too big. So Tischler-studio-style I put a long piece of pine on the back - with a 45 degree cutaway across the edge facing down, and another piece of pine mounted on the wall with 45 degree cutaway pointing up and the painting just pops onto it quite safely. Mine is smaller than the painting so you can't see it with the painting on the wall like a TV mount or hanging a picture. It was simpler than building a big easel which would be in everyone's way.

  • I just paint at my computer desk with the panel horizontally. I prefer that to on a vertical easel.
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