Current WIP nearly done

Hi everyone...hope you're enjoying yourselves!

I got the reference  photo back from the printers and the greens had way more blue in than original photo but I just painted it that way then so there's turquoise lights instead!...the magenta flower was impossible to get the colour so I went with the closest I could get rather than buy the available magentas...i would hardly ever use it again so not value for money
Interesting trying to get the flower petals accurate as they have light bodies threaded through with dark pinstripes all graduating!...well you can imagine I just went with abstract and put in stripes by pulling a large cheap bristle brush through the front petals. Not trying for photorealism in there.

The stems at the front are not the right green...have to change

The leaves have veins and little shape defining veins so they will be important to try and balance not to overdo

love this site



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