Multimedia Artboard (or other practice supports?)

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This says it can be used for oil based paints... has anyone done so? I had a few sheets of black from some time ago and I did a little test and it seemed to me like it kinda sucked up the paint some but then I'm new to oils so I am probably not a good judge... and plus also black paper was hard to judge as accurately as if it had been white paper I think. But the price is really good and it comes in white, of course.  Seem sturdy and doesn't even need priming it says.  

I'm just thinking about reasonably priced supports for practicing. But on the other hand, I don't want  a support that is inadequate or hard to use as that won't benefit me.



  • @Violet, I bought Neehan 110 lb. acid and lignin free card stock on Amazon. 250  8 1/2” x 11” sheets for around $15. They do have larger sizes.

     At first I rolled on undiluted gesso with foam rollers but it took too long and the surface was too rough. Switched to applying the gesso with a paint pad - worked great, quickly, and was far less messy to use. You have to coat the reverse side with gesso once the first side is dry to have the sheets lie flat.

    Didn’t like the artist grade gesso and switched to professional grade Utrecht gesso. Cheaper to buy straight from the Utrecht site.

    You can vary the texture to anything you’d like.
  • I saw on Facebook someone who paints portraits in oil on gessoed PLAYING CARDS.  B)
  • Violet

    That’s got to be a bit of a gamble 😊

  • Theres usually a couple of jokers in the pack  :)
  • @Violet - you may wish to consider oil paper: Canson, Strathmore, Arches, etc. Available from bigger art supply shops such as Dick Blick in the US. 

    I have used these for years, and can recommend Arches for permanent work, and Canson for non-permanent studies. 
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