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Hello everyone, 

I am new to oils and am contemplating the best palette to use. I've read that glass is best, but I would kinda like something that I can cover since I have pets. The dogs aren't an issue but the cats get up on everything, and while I doubt they would lick it being finicky as they are, I can envision colorful foot prints tracked around the house. 

So I was thinking it over and am considering using a large rectangular Pyrex glass baking pan that has a sealing plastic lid. I know its not ideal as the sides won't give as easy mixing access, but I think it might work. Anyone else use something like that?


Thank you.


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    Violet. a glass baking dish would be ideal. Almost as easy to clean as a flat glass palette and you could easily cover it to keep the pets out and retard drying of the paint.  :)
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    I tried that, and yes, the sides were irritating and I hated how small and heavy it was. But hey, it's worth a try? I ended up just cutting up a cardboard box to make a lid for a flat gray paper backed piece of glass.. (and now I hoard boxes and use them as lids for eveeerything. Cat fur in paintings is no fun either)

    If you want to get fancy, the gray New Wave glass palettes fit perfectly into the Sta-wet Masterson boxes.
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    I'm gonna give the baking dish a go and if it doesn't work out then thanks for the tip @NotACat

    Going to try out my new M. Graham paints this weekend. I got four colors (well, 3 plus white actually) and played around with mixing today and was able to get most every color from them! Flesh tones were a little tricky, but that's not an issue for now as I was thinking of having a go at one of my collies.

    Trying to decide if I want to use a canvas or gesso one of the masonite boards I have and try that. Hm... decisions, decisions.  :)
  • @Violet

    I just posted this in another thread about Palettes and noticed yours  :)

    Some cheaper DIY glass palette alternatives …

    Glass fridge shelf, its toughened glass with no rough edges.

    Glass chopping board from kitchen supplies store. They also have safe rounded off corners/edges.

    I managed to pick up a small one of the latter that was already painted neutral grey on the underside.and its handy for when im doing small pieces.
  • Glass cutting boards are great for oils,  they're horrible as cutting boards. 
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    An experienced painter will always lay out his paints on the palette in the same order each time, because this helps you develop a habit of reaching for a particular color at the same location every time. Laying color in the same position each time also helps to be able to identify the colors. The darker colors, such as Ivory Black, Ultramarine Blue, Thalo Blue, and Burnt Umber appear nearly the same in their masstone (as squeezed from their tubes). When you lay them on the palette in the same locations each time, you never grab the wrong color.
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