Brush holder & storage UPDATED

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The brush hold for storage of your paint brush you need .
1. jar with good lid
2. rubber "O' rings 3- 4 different sizes, (start with smallest and graduate up)
Now just drill holes that are smaller than your "O" ring in the lid. Slip the "O" ring over the end of the brush down to the point that your brush bristle sits in your solution your storing them in.
Note that if done correctly you will not have very much odor as the "O" ring covers the hole. Any holes not in use, have some tape that you can cover them with.
Also attached a photo of the paint brush holder used when painting . Cartridge holder for 223 Bullets, just bend it back and glue together, then glue that to a piece of wood wide enough to support it from falling over from the angle of the brushes. I've had all brushes on one side and it has never tipped over. happy painting.


  • Wish I thought of it. I used to spend a lot of time in a friend's tattoo parlour and he was always piercing and stretching ears
  • UPDATE-- I have found out that the leather that is finished works better. Michaels sells a finished piece of leather about 3" x 6" . Just cut the square or circle out, then use an e-xacto knife and make a small cross (x) in the center. Very flexible and will hold the brush in place. I try to make sure my black and white are in separate containers. Easy to remove when painting and put back on when done.
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