Red Onion still life process

hello again everyone, I mentioned a while ago that I would post process pictures of my painting of this photo:

Preparatory sketch of the garlic: you can see there are proportion mistakes in it, which I am glad I did in pencil first so I could be more aware of them later. I have a feeling the garlic will be the thing that takes the longest to paint our of these subjects.

Sketches of the full composition:

I used tracing paper to draw over my original sketch. I have a bad habit of drawing things larger than they really are, so all of the subjects except for the central onion had to be redrawn smaller.

Transferred to canvas and then drawn over with black ink. You'll see that my guide lines are not perfectly vertical or horizontal, but i tried to keep them the same as the ones over my sketch. I bought a square edge ruler recently for this purpose but I have lost track of it, so I just had to try and get away with an accurately wonky copy of wonky guidelines.

My goal with this painting is to make it as accurate to the reference as possible, so if there are mistakes apparent in my ink drawing that you see, please feel free to point them out! :)



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