first time using geneva oilpaints

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i tried to paint an eye from memory using the geneva oilpaints and i absolutely love them. 
they make it possible to create really unique looking brushtrokes without any impasto to catch the light. 
there are a few questions tho that i cant seem to find an answer to so i thought id ask the community directly.
does anyone know how fat or lean the geneva oilpaints are and if they can be used as a final layer over regular oilpaints. 
i know they can't be layered by themselves. 
thank you in advance and feel free to critique!:) 


  • ego

    Welcome to you.

    Mark’s method is all about direct single layer paint, placing the right value in the right place.
    So there is no need to fat or lean Geneva as they are formulated for this method.

    However, should you wish to fat or lean Geneva:

    # fatten by adding linseed oil, with progressively more oil in each new layer to retain fat over lean.

    # lean by placing oil paint from the tube on to paper or card for a day or so to soak up the oil. This can result in a putty textured paint.

  • Hi ego
    New to Geneva paints but not to painting by the looks of it.

    The richness of your tones are lovely, especially the highlights below the eye. The white reflections in the eyeball seem too bright and crisp compared with the rest of the piece. 

    I believe...
    Fat / lean = slow drying / fast drying
    If this is correct then Geneva would be fat compared with standard oil paints. They last several days on the palette which is much longer than other oil paints that I know of.

    "i know they can't be layered by themselves. "
    I don't think there is anything stopping Geneva paints from being layered on themselves.

    In this video Mark shows how he continues paintings that have dried. The only practical issue for most artists is the extended time it takes Geneva paints to dry.

    Others have much more experience and technical knowledge than myself so hopefully they will set us both straight.
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    Hi, @ego. Welcome to the forum. Looks like you know how to push paint around already. The eye is wonderful. To paint this from memory alone, without a model or a photo reference, is amazing.  :)
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