Portrait painting practice, first attempt (9x8inch)

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Peppered with errors and by no means finished but having only ever painted still life, mainly, so far it was time for me to take the plunge.

I got some good learning from doing it though.



  • It's strongly engaging, Michael. It feels like someone looking at me - not often achieved in painting.
  • She has a very 3D feel, @MichaelD.  The eyes, or the overall look, really, is very engaging. She has presence.  The way she fits into the picture space is very interesting, too. And it's your first portrait.  Well done!  Do more.  :)
  • Well done for a first go, please continue.  I really like the composition.
  • How did it feel to be painting a portrait?
    What parts worked well for you / are you most pleased with?
    What materials did you use?
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    @Abstraction, Thank you, I am pleased that I have achieved that   

    @tasieguy, Thank you much appreciated  

    @jay, Thank you, I hope its the first of many  

    It felt good because  I found it a challenge. For some time I have had a bit of a fear of tackling portraiture. What better to do than tackle that.

    I will say a bit about what didnt work before what worked well. 
    The skin tones are a little too varied and a bit all over the place. Its also rather patchy.
    Some of the comments above have identified what I am pleased with, the 3D effect and the eyes.

    I am pleased with it overall for what it is and in terms of being practice it has turned out better than I expected, but I have much to learn and improve on. Now that I have made a step into portraiture I can only improve on it.

    At least thats the  plan.  :)

    As for materials, it is painted on Archers oil paint paper, I did a mix of umber and white acrylic paint covering the paper first.
     paints I use are Winsor & Newton artist oil paints and Michael Harding handmade oil paints.
    I use a little M Graham walnut Alkyd medium which helps to dry the paint fairly quickly if I want to, and have the time, work on it the next day.

    Thank you all for taking the time to look and comment

  • really like it @MichaelD. it looks great, unusual composition and intense gaze. did you use model, photo or painted  from imagination?
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    Thank you @ArtGal, much appreciated. 

    Its from a photo out of a magazine. Though in the original her look is softer and more rounded, mine has a slightly more stern look and is more angular in comparison.
  • Nice work on your portrait.  She looks like an interesting model.  Very sharp features of the eyebrows, nose, and jawline are very interesting.  I congratulate you on painting a portrait.  I'm too chicken to even try  :#
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    Thank you @A_Time_To_Paint.

    It took me a wee while to build up the courage to try, and now that I have I want to get better at it  :)
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