Rampart range colorado

This painting was done in my studio  from a photo I took on a hike. I tried to go a little imposto at the very end with the tree trunks and the leaves . are there areas that need to be improved? 🙏


  • Ohh, very nice! I like the impasto in the trees. :)
  • Very refreshing painting.
    I like your treatment of the leaves. Also the central clump of grass(?) that hides most of the river, creating depth.

    I probably wouldn't change anything. Perhaps introducing some more shadows and darker areas in your next painting would be rewarding. You've got a hint of this at the foot of the three central trees.

    Also, I've never been able to take a successful photo of a painting so any suggestions may be off the mark. You've got the original in front of you so 😉

    Finally, I definitely think this is good enough to deserve a frame.
  • It's a lovely composition with meandering and converging lines towards the horizon. I love the black and white vertical trunks in the sea of gold.
    A small thing - atmospheric perspective. To my eye the gold in the distance is the same intensity as in the foreground. But the same air that creates blue sky filters out the colours in the distance towards blue or violet and the darks and lights move towards neutral. It should be greyed out maybe? That immediately puts 'air' into the painting and throws things back. Perhaps you've done so and it's my eye. It was obviously a clear sunny day too, and so that effect isn't as strong.
  • Thank you . So much to think about when painting. I appreciate your perspectives. Often things we overlook little things make big a difference .
  • This has a pleasing vibrancy imparted, in part, by the colours but also by the impasto in the foliage. I can hear those leaves rustling in the breeze and crunching underfoot. :)
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