More painting with neutrals

It was a cold winter afternoon and I saw this rock outcrop near my house. There were many effects of light and shadow. There's open light, reflected and transmitted light. Warm, warmer and cool light. Wrapped in a white package. 12 x 18 oc.

Painted loosely wet in wet using DMP and Lukas 1864 colors. I use a combination of good bristles and out of control bristles. Finishing with some small synthetic sables. The underpainting was laided down in March. Finished it this week. About 6-8 hours total.

This is the 'neutral palette'. Red violet, Blue Violet, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine and Yellow Orange full intensity colors.
Semi neutral Blue (BG+BV), sn Yellow (YG+YO) and sn Red (RV + RO). 



  • Oops that’s DMP medium. The best medium I be found. 
  • It might be very hard to get a good stretch. 
  • I would first try phthalo blue mixed with Ultramarine rather than genuine cobalt blue and see if that works for you. It will be much cheaper if you like it.
  • The Cobalt is being used as a tint for the Neutral Blue tones. I build my palette from 3 tubes of paint creating intrinsic harmony. Cobalt Blue, Cad Yellow and Cad Red Deep. All Lukas 1862 artist grade colors. My neutral 'primaries' semi neutral blue, red and yellow are mixed from that 12 color spectrum. I have a video of that process. 

    The painting here is painted from the neutrals. Primarily SN Blue lightened to value and tinted with Cobalt, Yellow Orange for temperature control, Red Violet for color and so on.  It's painted from the neutral side of my palette.

    If I had mixed my base palette using a mix of pthalo and Ultramarine for blue there would be intrinsic harmony from using that blue. If you use the metaphor of mixing the color spectrum from the primaries you can interchange those primaries to get specific harmonies. Very inexpensively.

    I discovered years ago while painting primarily in watercolor that the natural world around me was pretty much a neutral world. It's easier to paint neutrally in watercolor. I wasn't until around 2012 that I started finding it in oils.

    This is my basic full dual primary palette  full intensity on the top. Semi Neutral on the bottom. Earth tones on the left. I really I won't lay out all these full intensity colors for the average painting.

  • I would say so too, but without testing it's hard to know :)
  • I am sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon..
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