Blue Door

Hi all

Hot off the easel. I may tinker, but not much. Will go back to still life work soon.




  • Your series of interiors has been excellent, @Mio. A very cohesive theme and each beautifully executed. You've done enough now to mount an entire show with them. But you mentioned that some have already sold so that probably won't happen. 

    I like the one above. There's realism but there's also something interestingly  minimalist and abstract about it.  :)
  • Thanks @tassieguy .. yes I made quite a few! But they seem popular, even this one was sold before I was even done.  The larger ones I will probably keep as the time involved makes them too pricey for most people.

    Would be cool to do a solo show one day!
  • Love the greenish part of the wood between the light and shadow :)
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