Two floral still life paintings, back from trip

Hello everyone!
I've been away for almost 2 months to visit home, now am back again and excited to see all the new posts that I have missed. I didn't pick up even a pencil on the trip but I have a painting from before it started and one after coming back. I've become a little rusty and hope to get back to my painting schedule soon.

This one is from before my trip, when i had very little time in my hands and so decided to keep it rough looking with minimal blending. This one is has dried and been varnished, so making changes will not be possible (the set up is closer to the window and hence looks brighter).
9"x12", Oil on gessoboard, painted from life

The next one is the recent one.
11"x14", Oil on gessoboard, painted from life. Painting the chamomiles took forever. The bottom stems aren't black as seen here, but need to work on them a bit more.

close up

Let me know your suggestions and tips, and thank you in advance for them :) 



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