Blue and Gold Interior

Hi All

Another interior scene ... this one a little different. I loved the colours and they are outside my norm. I will make a sister painting for this one soon. This one sold before it was dry. Crazy.

Thoughts and opinions welcome!



  • Ahh, really nice! Very good use of the diagonal shadow pointing towards the open doorway.
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    I like the way you include the choice frame as part of the painting. A standard black gallery frame would kill it.

    I've seen a rhythm to your paintings that goes beyond a simple style.

    Is this still a theme that interests you or do do you find it confining at all?

    I'm not trying to be sarcastic etc. You & @tassieguy are artists that have developed a style and found an audience that are willing to go with you. As a beginner amateur, I wondered how that felt.
  • This is one of your best.  I like the bright light and colors.
  • I really like this painting.  It is very inviting and makes me curious to see the rest of the room.  Brilliant.
  • Thanks @heartofengland ... I didn't really notice. I guess I found a theme that I like and developed a "style" around that. :)

    @GTO this stands out in my catalogue. Definitely the most colourful so far! The different colour groups made it easier to poke away at it over the course of a few days (taking one at a time).
  • @Mio

    This is more playful than some other work of yours.  It is punctuated with more whimsy and rhythm and has a lighter feel. I love the echoing and bold punchy sunlight.
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