Wave Form Lighting

My eyes are very sensitive to flickering lights so I had to look far and wide, on google, to find light bulbs for the studio I’m setting up. Found them! They are relaxing to look at even - a first for me in any artificial lighting.

They are called “Filmgrade Flickerfree”. They are 800 lumens, draw only 10 watts, are 5,600K with a CRI >95. 

The company has a sophisticated website with a lot of good info, an interesting blog section, and a large selection of specialty lighting options. As I recall they even have something with CRI 99 for things like color matching reds, etc.

At the time I bought the bulbs they were cheaper by the dozen so I took advantage of that. Perhaps the same deal is available on request.

They do have other flicker free bulbs with CRI >95 which are 5,000K for the same price but they aren’t ‘Filmgrade”.

waveformlighting.com is their site name.


  • Interesting . . . back in the day (that's code for many years ago) when I was learning to fly, student pilots were cautioned about landing early mornings or late afternoon if the plane was headed into direct or near direct sunlight.  It is part of the landing process to reduce power in steps meaning that with each power reduction, the propeller turns slower and slower.  As the RPM's  drop and as you fly into direct sunlight, the slower prop rotation causes a flicker.  In some pilots, this flicker causes something akin to a trance.  Some pilots have lost their lives because of this.  Flicker is dangerous to some.
  • @broker12, I once sat down in a new doctor’s office but had to almost immediately leave. Their ceiling fan had it’s blades located under it’s light and the flickering made me sick. Driving on tree lined streets at certain times of the day does the same thing to me with the flickering of the sun on their trunks. Sometimes these flickering effects give me migraines. 

    These Wave Form bulbs are a life changer for me. 

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    @Suez there's interest in this phenomena of flickering light affecting people.
    An artist / psychology combo use flickering white light to create colours and shapes in their subjects. It stemmed from a chap seeing things when riding a bus under trees, just like you.

    Glad that you've found those bulbs, it must have been infuriating.

    Thanks for CRI reference. Never knew that it existed.
  • @heartofengland, Well, not exactly like me. I never saw his lights and shapes in flickering lights. I just get sick and flee. Stand guard over what you let into your mind is my stance - especially on artist/psycologist data collecting ventures.

    Can’t imagine who would actually pay to participate - except for those who look forward to living in cyberspace smart cities I guess.

    Peace. :)
  • Thanks for posting this, just spent a couple of evenings trying to find some replacements for my lights, exhausting. Will give these a try.
  • You’re welcome! I was absolutely forced to do a lot of homework to find them.

     I really wanted to get the 5,000K but wanted the most flicker free possible. I am very happy with 5,600. Their light really is like noon light - like sitting outside without the skin damage.  :)
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