Painting for Posterity with Modern Oil Paints


Excellent and fairly recent article on best practises for long life paintings.



  • I’m using titanium white.  No zinc or flake whites. Most paintings I do are on ACM.  I don’t use any mediums other than walnut oil.  But I do varnish the finished works so as long as any restorer is careful with removing the varnish when revarnishing it should be good.
  • Very interesting, @dencal

    I don't use zinc or flake whites. I use walnut oil. I varnish lightly. However, I do paint on stretched canvas. I should probably move to aluminium composite panels. 
  • Somebody should have told Rembrandt.
  • Kingston

    Review of Rembrandt Conservation Histories.
    Important masterpieces in museum collections, such as the paintings by Rembrandt, often have the dubious honor of having undergone numerous conservation treatments in the past. Because of the significance of the paintings, these treatments are generally well documented. For example, The Anatomy Lesson of Dt Nicolaes Tulp has undergone 23 documented treatments, while those of The Night Watch amount to 25. Rembrandt's paintings are found in major collections all over the world. Every country has its own traditions, developments and approaches to conservation with important restorers having played a key role in the treatment and appearance of Rembrandt paintings. In Rembrandt Conservation Histories, experts address aspects relating to the conservation history of paintings by Rembrandt and other 17th-century Dutch masters, raising awareness of how the appearance and condition of paintings by Rembrandt can be explained in part by their treatment history.
    Environment controlled white boxes and armies of conservators and restorers are to be thanked for keeping these master works alive for us.


  • Denis 
    No doubt that works on aluminum and other ''modern" materials will be worked on by future generations of art art restorers. All is vanity.
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