Purple Iris - 12 x 16 - Oil on Linen

First attempt at painting a flower.
This one was especially challenging due to my colorblindness. I like the way it turned out. 
All constructive criticism is welcome.

Source photo to follow.... 



  • You captured the delicateness of the petals really well.  Beautiful colour. 
  • This is outrageously well done!!!  Love the choice of background too.  Detail in value is evident.  
  • Many parts of this are very special.

    The top right petal is crisp, fluid and graceful.

    Would it be possible for you to post a wider, in-situ style photo please? Even if it's just on your easel.

    @Mio did this for his Kitchen Corner and it was great for giving the painting scale.

    Finally, how did you go about the painting itself... DMP value by value or a petal at a time?
  • @tassieguy @allforChrist    Thanks for the compliments! 

    With my color issues, I try to get the color close and focus more on values.        

  • @heartofengland  Thanks for the compliments.  I can't take another pic of it at the moment.  It's a gallery wrapped canvas and i just painted the sides.  When it's dry, I'll post another pic. 

     I drew the flower first, then painted the background.  I then painted the dark values of the flower and finished petal by petal.   I learned using the DMP method.  This time I didn't mix all of my colors at once.
  • You have beautiful observation apparent in your work.
    What form of colour blindness do you have? Which colours does it affect?
  • @Abstraction    Thanks for the compliment!

    I have a mild red-green colorblindness. 
    I have a hard time with purple-blue and yellow-green and sometimes red-brown.   
    The very first painting i did was almost my last because of this.  But I liked painting so much I pushed through.
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