Red Room and Grey Interior

Hi All

Two new tiny interiors. Red Room is 8x6 inches and the Grey Interior study is 8x8 inches. Trying to build up some skills with interiors .. will get back to some still life work soon.

All thoughts welcome!


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    These hallway, doorway pieces of yours are haunting.  For me the symbolism of introspection, memory, the past… corridors of the mind is very acute.  That much of these interiors are somewhat bare is also disquieting but above all they have a sense of mystery and nostalgia.  These passageways and rooms seem to me similar as if they come right out of my subconscious or out of my reoccurring dreams.

    Well done.  

    I think at least once in your body of work, you should paint on a doorway sized canvas, and frame it literally in a door frame with door attached… (or possibly in the top half of one of those funky half doorways) some might think it would be gimmicky (that's why I suggest you do it "at least" once) but I think your interior work  (at least an appropriately chosen composition) would be stunning displayed in a real doorway.
  • These interiors are mysterious.  Are you working from photos or life or imagination?
    I like the white one better.  
    The bottom of the left wall in the red one seems to tilt.  As though the base is cutting into the door 
    The horizon line, vanishing points, and hidden spaces make these an interesting subject to explore.
  • I really like the tension I feel when looking at these, the first wouldn't feel out of place in The Shinning lol!
  • Interesting work....
  • @GTO thank you. I only work from photos - these interiors are all based on the Frilandsmuseet in Copenhagen (heritage buildings). Yes a lot of the walls and doorways tilt, have cracks, worn down wood and stone. There is unlimited charm there - I always recommend everyone stop by, if they are in or near Copenhagen.
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