Bowl Beads Box 11" x 14" Oil om ACM

It's been a while since I've posted anything. 
I was having a dry spell coming up with subject matter so I went back to something simple that I could do without too much stressing out over it.
This is a ceramic pot with a wooden stick used for ringing a meditation bell inside of it and some sandalwood beads hanging off the edge.  It sits on top of a yellow Chinese box.  The beads have two additional beads of tiny skulls carved from bone.  Those gave me a bit of trouble because I kept painting them in too high a value.
I have noticed how taking photos of paintings tend to blow out the highlights.  
All comments and critiques are very much welcomed.



  • I love the detailing on the box @GTO That must have taken quite some time! It is a beautiful painting
  • Thanks @Allie I appreciate your feedback.  The details on the box actually went quickly.  Maybe about an hour.  The background was painted in (and still wet).  Then I placed the white dots.  And then came in with the dark arcs and lines.  At first I was going to leave just the yellow box because it has some reds and greens that just looked so interesting.  But I figured the box needed some interest, so I went for the pattern.  I’m kind of liking the books and boxes lately.  They are fun to paint.
  • Looks lovely done @GTO
    It might be a simple subject to you but the way you've done it, considering the size of the surface the details are really well done. It looks really harmonious as a painting. Only one thing draws my attention, the beads on the left were the highlight is, it looks a bit too bright. The same value as the lightest value on the painting. Maybe it's the highlights on the photograph that is blow, or I'm just wrong. 
  • Thanks @Marinos_88.  I appreciate your feedback on this.  I really struggled with this highlights.  Maybe the bead closest to us is a bit bright.?  I could try knocking them down some more.  Here’s a closeup of that section.

  • Yeah, I was wrong. In the first picture it looked like the highlights were pure white! Thx for posting another picture it's nice to see all these brush marks!
    Lovely sir! 
    Thx for posting :)
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    I love the simplicity of design. Balance. Then that lovely diagonal transect of pattern & (some Chinese thing in the bowl) balanced by the tassel. Depth created by subtle reflection and, of course, the atmosphere behind.
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    Beautiful, as always, @GTO. A calm, stable composition, enlivened by subtle details such as the design on the bowl.  The detail on the box is amazing. I feel I could run my fingers over it and feel the texture of those little raised dots. The subtle reflections on the bowl and table are also very impressive. 
  • This is great. The subject and execution are both top. 💪🏻
  • Thanks @tassieguy @Mio and @Abstraction I appreciate your feedback on this one.  
    @Abstraction the wooden thing in the ceramic pot is actually the wooden striker from a brass bowl used for ringing the beginning and ending of a meditation session.  I needed something in the bowl and I didn’t want to do another plant like I did with the cactus on the stack of books.  
    And when I put the striker in the bowl I figured I needed something to balance it. The beads worked, plus they hint at what the wooden striker is.  So one thing led to another.  
    The setup started with the ceramic pot.  Then the box, etc.  

  • Lovely work @GTO and true to your style, I like how you have handled the ceramic and the box.  :)
  • Beautiful, I really like your composition, your second photo really shows how lovely the beads are. I think the highlights are perfect. Thank you for sharing. 
  • Thanks @joydeschenes and @MichaelD much appreciated.  
    One I these days I will have to get a real camera to take better pictures that doesn’t over expose areas.
  • @Marinos_88. I took another look at the bead highlights and I think I agree with you about them being too bright.  Here is a version with the highlights knocked way down.
    please ignore the dried darks.  This is not a polarized photo.
    I think I like the dusty look of them now.  The matt finish they now have does not fight against the highlights on the bowl.

  • @GTO

    Epic execution of this painting. 

    The closeup shot seems to have entirely different values from the zoomed out ones.  I'm no photography expert but it looks as if the zoomed out photos could be really inaccurate.  Do you have any thoughts? :)
  • Nice painting @GTO. What is ACM?
  • Thanks @dewald ACM is an aluminum composite material.  The brand I use is Dibond.

    @allforChrist thanks thanks I appreciate your feedback.  The zoomed in shot was under lower light conditions.  The values are darker but it shows up the color better.  The higher light conditions over expose the lighter values and washes out some of the colors.  At some point I will need to get a real camera.  The very first photo posted is as close a match as I can get with the camera I have but it still overexposed the highlights.
  • I'm blown away. Love it! 
  • Really beautiful work @GTO.  Very nice subject matter, composition, different textures, and you've captured them so well with paint.  I hope this is the end of your long dry spell.  I'm with you for different reasons in painting something more simple, that being a newcomer to painting from life.  Your "simple" still life is to me complex and again done so well.
  • Thanks @Leo2015 and @A_Time_To_Paint I appreciate your feedback.
  • I love the composition and the rendering of the ceramics !
  • Echo all of the above plaudits.

    The box is the star followed by the broken highlight of the shelf.

    One question. Do the missing skulls impact on the tassel in real life? The tassel appears a little stiff and rectangular and I wondered why. I'm too inexperienced to suggest anything but something that softened or broke up the rectangular shape may help suggest textile.
  • Thanks @adridri I appreciate your feedback.
    @heartofengland thank you for your input.  The beads and skull beads are just as they were in the shadow box.  The tassel is a bit straighter than in the actual setup.  It was probably the most difficult part of the painting to do.  I repainted it about five times and decided to settle on this version.  I do appreciate hearing how it feels to you.  It is that kind of straight up feedback that helps me understand how things work or not work.
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    What a great way to get back into your stride.  Bullseye result, too.
  • Thanks @Gary_Heath I appreciate your feedback.  

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