First DMP - Car trimmer's workshop still life

Here's my first DMP. 

The source is on another computer so I will post that later.

I'm happy with it as a learning piece and it's a big step forward from my previous work.

The bobbin in the centre was the major problem. I tried 3 times (9hrs ish) to get it right before I walked away. I will put that in the Beginner's thread.

Please point out how to improve. 

Cheers, Owen 


  • This is very well executed for a first time DMP. Although I don't quite know what I'm looking at , the objects look very real.  Clearly your previous work taught you something and DMP is working for you.  Well done!  
  • This is great. I like the chunk of metal machinery especially. And I think you did a good job with the spool of thread which for me would be a real challenge. 
  • Thank you CBG and tassieguy.

    Here is the source photo.

  • Is the metal piece an engine cast aluminum piece?  Or is it a core for casting pieces? 
    It’s an excellent painting.  Lots of great detail work.  The bobbin and green table are the stars.
  • @GTO thanks.

    It's a hydraulic press for cutting leather and vinyl pieces. The green is the cutting board (hence the scars), the black pieces are the blades and the top piece is the swivelling press head that comes down to do the cutting.

    Painting things that have a personal meaning is important for me.

    ps I just found your website through the link on the Off Topic page... very cool 😎
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