Some lazy yet challenging and enlightening still lives

Been to ill to concentrate on laboured oil painting. So here are some one hour still life paintings in acrylic. These are studies obviously. I limit myself in time and palette (marks) to complete these paintings (A2) within 1 one hour. Exploring a looser brush stroke. What is done is done. No judgment or criticism pure paint time and space. They are, however, leading to a more polished series for an exhibition. in


  • That is challenging, to do a painting in an hour. I bet you realized a lot about the process after doing so many in such a small amount of time.  
    I know of an exercise where you limit yourself to just twenty five brush strokes but with much simpler subject matter.
    I look forward to seeing your next phase on this project.
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    The top brush and square jar in the yellow vase painting are gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing, it has really helped me.
  • One hour! That takes discipline but I imagine it's a great exercise designed to get down only what's important without fussing over detail. You asked for no criticism so all I'll say is that if I could do any of these in an hour I would be pleased indeed.  

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.  :)
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