Learning a lot

Hi All

I have been very impressed by the quality of work on show and the standard of discussion on this forum. Other websites have been high on praise at the expense of helpful critique.

Every video, photo and thread has taught me so much about painting so I thought it was about time to stop lurking.

How did I start painting?
I started painting last summer with a Bob Ross set. The results were beyond what I hoped for and gave me confidence.

Where am I now?
I have moved onto subjects in my own world - not many snowy mountains in the English Midlands! I've got a bit better over time but I've been held back by my technical ignorance and fast drying paint. Below are 3 typical paintings where I've been mostly colour mixing on the canvas.

Where do you want to get to?
My ambition is to produce portraits fit to be hung on a wall other than my bathroom.

Your secret hope?
To be good enough that someone pays me.

What do you you want from the group?
Honest advice and opinions on how I can get better. I never take offence at honesty.

Cheers, Owen


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