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This is the second painting of a new series I’m currently creating. It is based around the theme of looking at a subject from different points of view. It started out as just an exercise, but has developed into something I’m exploring with more attention, focus and thought. I like that this painting has more of a modern feel to what I normally paint and am excited to continue exploring this direction my artwork is moving towards. This is oil on linen (with an acrylic under painting) size 16x20



  • I like your direction, it does feel great to have a new project.  This has a feel of watercolor with the washes in the backgrounds yet the pears have weight.  Are you going to frame it or is it wrapped? Looking forward to seeing others in your series. :)
  • What a great idea, @Allie. And it really works. Each pear is different but each is beautifully painted. And I love the background - the colour and the gradation from lighter/cooler to darker/warmer as we move from top to bottom down through the panels.

    I'd love to see others from the series.  :)
  • You could probably paint pears blind folded now.  Did you do them from upper left to bottom right row by row?  I’m trying to see the progression, change of lighting, orientation?  I am thinking you did the upper left first and the lower right last.  I am also trying to see the confidence in your painting as you progressed.

  • @joydeschenes
    Thank you so much Joy! I really experimented with the light pink in the background (separating the individual pears). Watercolour had not crossed my mind, but I totally see that now! It is on a wrapped canvas but, I'm thinking I'll probably frame it anyway :) My next one is a green apple 
  • @tassieguy
    thank you so much! I really played with that magenta colour and tried to vary it from pear to pear to help with the composition.  
  • @GTO
    Thanks! I actually did not paint the pears in any order, but rather I jumped around according to the way I set up the pear in real life and how I think it would work on the canvas for the overall composition, if that makes sense? So, in terms of how I painted it, I don't think you can really read it from that point of view...I was really trying to think about the composition and the viewer's interaction

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    It's such a delicious colour combination - the oranges, yellows and greens of the pears against the varied magenta background makes my mouth water. In the right combinations, colour has that sort of visceral effect on me.  My synesthesia may have something to do with that.

    I'm looking forward to your green apple.   :)
  • @tassieguy
    Thank you!! And, Wow! You have synesthesia? That is so cool! It must be amazing to experience colours in different ways!! I wish!
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