Study of Oranges Still Life Setup

Hello all.  I've been quite busy with life getting in the way.  Things are starting to get somewhat better allowing for more time to paint.  I finished this painting yesterday after racking my brains and trying to figure out the lighting in the spare room that I use for a home office/studio.  I will share another post under another heading for studio setup, equipment, lighting, etc.  This little study was so satisfying to do.  It was produced in a day and it was so fun to figure out what to paint and how to set it up.  It's quite simple but as they say, ya' gotta to walk before you can run.  I tried some Georgian traditional oils, which were much more enjoyable than the alkyd paints I normally use.  I used the five primary colors, titanium white, and burnt umber.  The painting was done on acrylic primed watercolor paper and was really fun to do.  I don't have a photograph of my setup but if there is anything I can do to improve, I would love to hear your thoughts.  The sliced orange drawing is a bit off and the edges on the whole orange needs more background color around the edges where made a mess redefining the drawing on that one.



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