A Shaded Gully - 30" X 26" - OOC

I got the canvas covered on this  tonight so thought it a good time to ask for feedback.  Sorry about the glare on top and down the sides - the pic was taken at night - but it gives a general idea of the painting. I'll take a better photo outside in daylight tomorrow. The darks have already started to dry a bit flat so it will need varnishing. 

This scene is on the trail down to Fossil Cove. A small foot-bridge crosses the gully here and this is the view from the bridge. It's was a dry summer down here (unlike everywhere else in Australia) so there's no water in the creek, but it's still a damp place, as you can see by the moss and lichens on the low hanging tree branches. 

There are still some details to adjust and I'll probably do some glazing in the shadows when it's fully dry. Anyway, I'd be interested to get folks thoughts on it. 

Thanks for taking the time to look and comment.  :)




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