Art as a therapeutic mental health boost


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    I dont know about “turning around” but it definitely should be a part of treatment.

    I work in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) Neurodevelopmental team.

    We assess for ASD and ADHD in young people it can be a protracted process.

    I am pleased to say that we have recently had two art therapists and a music therapist join our team.

    That is definitely a step on the right direction.

  • Anything that engages the mind and the hands has to be good for folks experiencing mental health issues. Painting keeps me sane.  :)
  • I can see how art can help in a number of ways!
     Earlier in this pandemic, in my local community on facebook, I came across a young artist who posted their freshly finished portrait of Marie-Antoinette with their caption that read, "off with their heads!" 🤣 this was during a period where masks were absolutely required, and still too many going without one. This artist was expressing their frustration under the circumstances. I got the sense of humor and all and it made me laugh real good at recognizing just what was happening. I was the only one to recognize the artist's work and all, and this made a big difference with the artist as they were so pleased and thrilled "that someone got it!" 🤣😂
     I was content to have participated in someone's sense of depression and help turn them around, and let them know that they were not alone.
     Just another one example of many that exist out there.
  • I'm all in for abstract thought and emotional intelligence, it's what differentiates us as being human in a world that is traveling at light speed towards AI. Art as therapy, absolutely! In the movie 'Patch Adams', How many fingers do you see? :)
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